Food For Thought

People in this school love to eat, and are always looking for new places in and around Los Angeles to sample. We will update the Food For Thought page often, and encourage you to send in restaurant ideas to us. Please also feel free to share recipes here as well.

Restaurant Recommendations – June 2014
Tar & Roses: Call way ahead to ensure you can get a table.
Bestia: From what I hear, there’s not a bad thing on the menu.
Kang Hodong Baekjeon: Amazing BBQ
Manhattan Beach Post: Bacon cheddar biscuits. Need I say more?
Ado: The perfect date-night restaurant.

VC Powe’s Spaghetti

Pot 1
Brown one lean ground beef, well done.
Once cooked, add Lawry’s Seasoned Salt and Seasoned Pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, celery salt thyme, oregano and basil to taste.
Add large can of tomato sauce.

Pot 2
Prepare Lawry’s Original Style Spaghetti Sauce packet.

Add pot 1 to pot 2 and let it all simmer together.
Make your pasta and add cheese!

Food Suggestions – October 4, 2013

Alex Boekelheide
Pitfire Pizza (gourmet pizza and salads, Westwood, Palms, North Hollywood): Alex loves getting a special pizza and fall salad for a great Hollywood Bowl picnic; great offbeat beers too!

Bow & Truss (Spanish with a Latino flair, North Hollywood): Alex goes for The. Best. Paella. Around., and creative cocktails make for a fun evening.

Hien McKnight
El Rincon Criollo (Cuban, Culver City): Hien recommends Oxtail, Cuban Pork, Tongue at this Mom & Pop’s place

Bistro Laurent (French-y, West LA): Hien says this spot is not open for dinner every day and recommends breakfast or Beef Bourguignon.

Stacey Hirose
Night + Market (Thai Street Food): Stacey says everything is good, especially the fried pig tail.


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