School is out and it’s sort of a buzz*.

Now that most Luskin students are off enjoying home-cooked meals, internships in far away places or new jobs as change-agents, the rest of us can sit at our desks and reminisce about the days when we were 23 and had the world at our fingertips. We can also enjoy the many wonderful things that summer brings in Los Angeles. Or we can have World Cup parties and dress in funny costumes.

I’ve come to realize that there are two types of Luskin colleagues – those with kids (we share stories around the coffee machine about sleepless nights, swim lessons gone awry, and the fact that there really should be 29 hours in the day) and those without kids (I listen to people talk about their weekend hikes, morning yoga sessions and amazing nights out in Hollywood).

Luckily we live in a city that provides ample options for those on every end of the spectrum. If you have children, you can look forward to:

Garden Concerts for Kids at the Getty
You can bring a picnic blanket, snacks and wine. Kids love dancing around the grass to the music. It is a lot of fun.

Summer $1 Movies
I realize these are shown on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but a vacation day in the middle of the week is always good!

Make it and Take It

Come sit by the ocean at Dockweiler Beach to learn, enjoy, and make a craft project at this FREE “Make It and Take It” Craft Class for kids 0-12 years old.

Santa Monica Airport Observation Deck
Kids can watch planes take off and land from a platform just off the runway. There’s also a large park with picnic tables as well as a dog park.

And for those who have more free time, use of both hands at all times, can stay up late, sleep in here are some options (most are kid-friendly too!):

Beach Eats
Grab some delicious gourmet bites from great food trucks, then enjoy the sand, water, and sunset at Marina “Mother’s” Beach in Marina del Rey! WHEN: Thursdays TIME: 5:00pm – 9:00pm PARKING: available in Lot #10 at a rate of $0.25 for each 15 minutes. $2 minimum for credit card payment.

Marina Del Rey Summer Concert Series

Tuesday Wine and Jazz
With sponsorship by kjazz 88.1 FM, fine wines by Stella Rosa and food by Wolfgang Puck Catering, Hollywood & Highlands Wine & Jazz Concert Series invites you to unwind every Tuesday evening.

Culver City Third Wednesday (July 16, August 20)
Visit Downtown Culver City every Third Wednesday to sample seasonal, artisanal cuisine and cocktails from Downtown Culver City’s award-winning restaurants and bars. Retailers and businesses will also have specials and discounts exclusive for the event. Eat, drink and dine, enjoy live music under the stars, shop and sample from one-of-a-kind boutiques and view art at gallery gatherings during Third Wednesdays. Third Wednesdays feature special offers and free goodies from over 25 participating businesses throughout the downtown area, as well as outdoor entertainment and activities ranging from wine and food tastings to free pole dancing lessons. Valet and free two-hour parking are available. To find out more and see a list of participating businesses and special offers visit

Outdoor Movies

This list is just the tip of the iceberg on things to do in this great city. If you have great ideas, please send them along. I should be posting the next Lemon by next summer so it will be perfect timing!

As you are aware, there’s been several months in between Lemon postings. I can’t think of a good enough excuse off the top of my head, but I will say that it’s somewhat time consuming to put together good lists and come up with fun story ideas. So, if you would like to contribute stories or photos for the newsletter, please let me know!

Since the last edition came out, there have been some new additions to the Dean’s office. Let me take a minute to introduce you to the following people:

Michelle Anderson, Career Services
Michelle Anderson, Career Services
If you enter Michelle’s office and it looks like she’s been crying, offer her a pillow and blanket and tell her that you will manage the office while she takes a nap. She had a baby girl – Natalie – four months ago, and has been back from maternity leave for just over a month. She’s one of the lucky ones around here who doesn’t get much sleep these days, yet she’s always got a friendly smile on her face – perfect for helping our Luskin students navigate career opportunities and choices. It’s also possible that she has been crying due to the fact that her parents are originally from the Netherlands and raised her such that she never ate at fast food joints (to this day, she’s never eaten Taco Bell, Burger King, Wendy’s, etc.)!! To further embarrass you, I will tell you that her guilty pleasure televeison shows are Real Housewives and The Little Couple. Pre-baby she enjoyed doing Zumba and Kickboxing. Post-baby she’s lucky to find time to eat (she once told me that she had finally eaten some hummus and chips by 3 p.m.) so needless to say she doesn’t need workout classes anyway. If you want to brighten her day, stop by with some chocolate.

Tammy Borerro, Event Coordinator
Tammy is returning to her alma mater (UCLA class of 2002 in English and Asian American Studies) to take over Luskin’s event coordination duties. If you’ve already had the pleasure of working with Tammy – or watching her in action – you know that she has hit the ground running. She has an eye for things that those of us who are not event coordinators by nature don’t have. A common quote from Tammy in during her first few weeks while helping me with my events was, “Ummm, I have an idea. Can we change this?” She would say this in the nicest way possible, and her ideas are fresh and new! Prior to joining Luskin, she most recently planned events for LA Fashion Week, Los Angeles Asian pacific Film festival, Indian film Festival of Los Angeles, and World Poker Tour to name a few. She love watching and playing sports. This may explain her full commitment to her World Cup staff party costume. She’s looking for a tennis partner to help her get out and get active. Although be forewarned: She promised to provide a helmet to her partner.

Sharon Hong, Communications Associate
If you walk into Sharon’s office, she will likely look like she does in the above photo – wrapped up in a blanket like she’s home on her couch watching TV. Except she’s probably grinding out some amazing stories for the web or magazine. She is both a Bruin (BA English) and Trojan (MA Journalism) with a serious loyalty to bandwagons. She’s previously reported for the Associated Press London, Albany Times Union,, Houston Chronicle, and freelanced for the LA Times community papers. Her favorite beat was on the energy business desk at the Chronicle reporting on the BP oil spill (but covering Luskin events is likely surge ahead, right Sharon?). But her lasting journalistic legacy, which won’t fall off the Internet, was about the Spice Girls reuniting for a summer tour. Note to pop culture junkies: Victoria Beckham is slightly shorter than me in real life. Please note: she doesn’t have perfect vision, and only wears my glasses on occasion. So, if she’s passed you in the hallway and did not greet you, it’s probably because you were a blurry shape.

Yadi Younse, Alumni Relations
Before coming to UCLA Luskin, Yadi worked in the legal sector and for several non-profits serving youth and families. She received her B.A. in Philosophy with a minor in Public Policy from UCLA and did her masters at Cass Business School in the UK and Naruesuan University in Bangkok. Outside of Luskin, Yadi does extensive volunteer work with UCLA and organizations that serve foster youth. If she has any time left, she hopes to one day have four children (maybe adopt one). (Editors Note: I would like to see what she thinks about this plan after the second one).

So, as we settle into summer, please take a moment to share your summer stories, travel plans, research topics and anything you want broadcast in the Lemon!

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