Welcome to Fall

It may not have felt like Fall over the past few weeks as you walked in the 90 degree heat from structure 3 to the Public Affairs building, but if you need a fix of cool weather, please come to the Dean’s suite because the air conditioning in here has it feeling about 48 degrees.

Before we get too far into this, please click on the contest link at the top of the page to enter this month’s contest. The deadline to enter is next Friday, September 27.

A new school year is upon us and with that I am hoping to get The Lemon on a more regular schedule. To begin, the blog will come out every Friday morning (sorry for the late post today as I am still getting my feet under me), and hopefully include a variety of fun entries, including a preview of things to do around the Los Angeles area for the upcoming weekend, a recap of events around the school during the previous week, new book selections, restaurants, and interesting things that our staff and faculty have been doing away from work.

As noted before, you can email me anytime with story suggestions, photos, tips, recommendations, etc.

A lot of people – Dean Gilliam included – have pressed about where the name, “The Lemon” came from. Please refer to the About page for the answer.

Things to Do This Weekend: Sept. 20-22

75th Annual Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
Promenade Beer & Wine Festival
Pasadena Greek Fest
Redondo Beach Lobster Festival
UCLA Football Game
Amazing Mini Scavenger Hunt Adventure

Recapping the Annual Luskin Badminton Tournament
As you probably know by now, Waiyi Tse has worked tirelessly to create healthy competition among the faculty and staff at the Luskin School. In April, it was the first annual quiz bowl, which the Urban Planning team won in a late comeback. Every summer, it’s the badminton tournament. There are not only prizes for the winning team, but also for the best costume.

Here’s a look at this year’s teams:

Prior to the event, the Chairman of the Board (Waiyi), put together a bracket. Based on two hours of random practice over the summer, the team of Brian Taylor and Matt Hurst were given the No. 1 seed, which meant they had a bye in the first round. On gameday, it was time to see if Waiyi made the right decision.

As the team of Robin McCallum and Yaz Diaz dominated their competition, it was starting to look like they were the team to beat. The championship game definitely pitted the two best teams against each other with one minor exception: Matt Hurst was basically unable to hit any birdie hit to him.

When asked what the strategy going against No. 1 see would be, Robin said: “Hit it to Matt.”

Unfortunately, weather factors (wind) seemed to work against that strategy, and each birdie aimed for Matt eventually sailed over to Brian, who carried is team to a slight 15-13 victory over Robin and Yaz.

Now we just have to wait a year for the rematch.

Summer Postcards
While I was sitting around my house in yoga pants watching the live stream of Big Brother 15 raising a human life, many of you were actually out in the world enjoying the summer and seeing the world.

Public Policy Professor, Sarah Reber enjoyed family vacations in Flathead Lake, Montana
and Sequoia National Park:

Social Welfare Professor Laura Abrams and her family visited New York and hit up the Empire State Building:
empire state building

and the Fountains at Battery Park:
fountains at battery park

Urban Planning Professor Chris Tilly coordinated a 5-panel Working Group on “Organizing precarious workers” and taught a mini-course on “Using cross-national comparisons to study work” at the Latin American Association of Labor Sociologists Congress (which happens every four years) in São Paulo, July 2-4. Even more impressive is the fact that he functioned in Spanish and Portuguese through the whole conference.

Robin McCallum out road-tripped everyone by going Los Angeles-Las Vegas-Zion-Bryce-Grand Canyon-Flagstaff-Sedona-Yuma-San Diego-Los Angeles with her husband and three kids.

Using a dose of creativity we’ve come to expect, Yaz Diaz shared the postcard below comprised of images from her trip to Berlin. After biking around Berlin and enjoying the food she is now working on a painting from a scene in Berlin.
BerBarPostcard (2)

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